12000 BC

the dark ages

The Dark Ages is a magical age. Where the magically inclined are treated as royalty and nobility, while those without are cast down into the slums. Schala is the princess of this place, her mother Queen Zeal is the current ruler. King Zeal is deceased and Prince Janus is generally with his cat. Princess Schala does not like this world. In fact, those in the Kingdom of Zeal, are called Enlightened Ones.

Enlightened Ones and Earthbound Ones are seperated, Enlightened Ones live in Zeal a floating city while the Earthbound Ones do not. This last until Crono and group come along and ruin things for Queen Zeal. Zeal falls and then there is not longer any difference between Enlightened and Earthbound. They've all lost their magic. But they all work together and refuse to give up hope.

The Three Gurus are also from this time and you've met them on your journey even if you do not realise it. They got sucked into timegates along with Janus. Queen Zeal died (I'm pretty sure) and Schala is missing.

There were a couple places in Zeal along with the palace. Enhasa and Kajar, the people of Kajar are jerks along with Dalton and Queen Zeal. They rest are pretty nice. On the earth there are also a couple places, the Commons and a Last Village.