Princess of Zeal

I'll wake you tomorrow

So you might have an interest in all the site things? Like how I decided things and what not. Well here you go!

Why Schala?

I love Schala. The first time Chrono Trigger was played in my house, I couldn't read well. Then later on we got it on the Playstation, it came with one of the Final Fantasy games. Double awesome win. While playing it we found Schala and I thought she was really awesome. She's pretty, strong and an older sister. Very loving towards her brother. Schala is just great. And while I cannot pronounce her name half the time, I just really like her. She's a mystery since she's a minor character but her role is very important.

And Lady D'arbanville?

I really didn't know what to name it. But my sister, Snow, was like "How about Lady D'arbanville?" And I was like "Yeah! That song is great." It was written by Cat Stevens for a break up he had with his girlfriend, Patti D'arbanville. Hypothetically laying her to rest. Of course, I've only heard some remixes but it's a good song. I like it. And it somewhat suits Schala. I also didn't want to come right out with a depressing name since all I could think of was Prisoner of Fate, while I love the song it's so sad and I like to think Schala can be set free. So I went with Lady D'arbanville.

The Layout

The first layout I had just didn't work for her. It was too dark and grungy. So I waited a bit and tried thinking about other styles I could use and I came up with this one and was able to execute it. It uses her artwork image by Akira Toriyama and two in game screen shots, all images are from the Chrono Wiki. Then I used the purples from her dress and the background image is from Subtle Patterns. All made in Paintshop Pro 8, hand coded in Dreamweaver CS4, and the text is Kokila (no idea where I got it) and I use Photoshop CS4 to do it. The fancy text is Harrington from Abyssal Chronicles. Layout uses divs.