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I decided to shrine Frog because the most recently playthrough had me loving him. He really is a great character when I stopped and paid attention. Honestly, before I didn't like him much but I think that's due to him hating and wanting to kill Magus. I like Magus! So I think my bais got the better of me. But when I put it aside and understood that hatred, it made sense. I'd most likely hate the guy that murdered my best friend too. Thus! I was able to form a connection to Frog and wanted to use him. Plus he has the Masamune and that's one of my favorite swords. I really paid a lot of attention to Frog and used him up until the final dungeon and battle. I was trying to get everyone to learn their techs and it was Ayla and Robo's turns, so my party switched and I used Crono, Ayla and Robo to defeat the game. Mainly, Frog grew on me and I wanted to srhine him. A friend told me "If you have feels, strike while the iron is hot" and I did.

I named it A Knight's Promise due do his side quest. Plus a promise a man makes is highly important to keep. And I thought it sounded cool.

Layout was made in Adobe Photoshop with textures from Celestial Star. Then I coded it in Dreamweaver. Fonts used Old English and Bleeding Cowboys from DaFont. Background is from Subtle Patterns. Images are from the Chrono Wiki and the Sprites from Spriters Recource (Teeks, daemoth, Tonberry2k).

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