family, friends and enemies

Schala and her mother Queen Zeal have a weird relationship. She does love her mother though. I believe that they had a good relationship before Queen Zeal went a little crazy. After King Zeal passed away, I believe that's when it changed. Queen Zeal was heartbroken and went crazy, wanting to be immortal so she wouldn't have to lose anyone else. Her views were warped but I think she initially meant well. Even after the events of 12000 BC, Schala asks for Crono and friends to forgive her and not hate her. She believed her mother was still a good person. I think they might have been able to work through things had Lavos not been about.

Janus, her younger brother also has a good relationship with her. Though he isn't fond of their mother. Schala is his only human friend. She tells him not to worry and gives him something that holds her prayers because she knows she can't always be with him. He gets thrown into another time and grows up with a lot of hate and anger. He hones his abilities so he can avenge his sister. Later he goes off to find her. Janus and Schala get a long great.

The three gurus, Balthasar, Gasper and Melchior all get along with Schala as well. They support her views too. They defy their own queen supporting Schala and one gets exiled but all three end up getting thrown in time. Schala was quite upset about all this.

Dalton and Schala do not get a long at all. He is like the only one in the world who doesn't like her. He wants immortality like Queen Zeal does but I believe his are for purely selfish reasons. Just so he can rule the world. The only thing he does right is put wings on the Epoch. Schala just despises this horrible man. He isn't nice at all.

I think if Schala got more time with Crono and friends she would become good friends with them. They are all likable.

Serge, the main protagonist of Chrono Cross, doesn't meet her. Although because he got attacked by a panther as a child and cried, it touched Schala's heart. This is what cause her to have a daughter clone, it was all to save him. Her mind warped from Lavos, half wanting to destroy the other half wanting to save everyone. It was Serge's crying that got a hold of her so she could survive a little longer to be saved later by him. Serge saved her long before he met her and then he freed her.

Kid is her daughter clone that was raised by Lucca for awhile before Lynx came. Schala and Kid do not have any interaction. Though Schala would want Kid to grow up to be her own person and not her daughter clone. Schala would just want her to be happy. Kid and Serge are good friends.