the daughter-clone

Schala created her daughter clone when she heard a young Serge crying. She traveled about 10,000 years into the future where she placed her daughter clone with a pendent in the forest. The baby was dicovered by Lucca and raised by her until Lynx came and destroyed their lives. Lucca was kindnapped, their house set on fire, and Kid was left alone to die.

Kid grew up set on revenge. She wanted to kill Lynx for taking Lucca, find the Frozen Flame so her wishes could be granted. She found Serge and asks if he wanted to go with her. The two travelled together. In fact, Kid saved him from drowning prior to the games events and when he was attacked by a panther that's when Schala had her daughter clone. Serge even went to the past once to save Kid from Lynx.

Serge and Kid's lives are intertwined. I'm not sure if Serge is a decendent or reincarnation of Janus or not. Serge could be his own man instead. But he is important to Schala and Kid. At the end of Chrono Trigger, Magus sets off to find Schala. At the end of Chrono Cross, Kid sets off to find Serge. So there is some connection it's just unclear.

Kid's personality is very different from Schala. Kid is boisterous, firey and will punch you in the face. Schala wasn't like that at all. I think it was in part to Lucca raising her. The other part having her family torn apart at a young age and having to fend for herself. (I really would like to know where Crono and Marle were during this!)

Kid isn't too excited to find out she's a daughter clone and completely dimisses it. She says "I'm me. Not some daughter or clone." Okay, that's the gist of it. Lucca agrees and states that Schala would have wanted it this way too. So, while Kid is technically Schala's daughter clone she is also her own woman.

They could have done more to connect the games better. But, I like Kid and I like Schala. They can be consider the same or not.