Basic Profile

about the princess

Schala is te princess of Zeal during 12,000 BC. She is currently the only one who can power the Mammon Machine her mother is obsessed with and she does so even knowning that it is dangerous. Schala has the mind frame of "better me than someone else". She's very kind and caring. The people of 12,000 BC love her because of how she is and maybe some of who she is.

Her name is Schala and quite honestly, it's tough to pronounce. In the Japanese version her name is Sara which is much easier. Though Schala comes from the name of Salah, which means virtuous and is an Arabic name. Sara is Hebrew for princess. So both names suit her quite well. But the pronuciation is what kills me. I switch between Skay-lah and Shal-ah. Doesn't make it easier, or right. I've never heard anyone say it, so I just go with what I think is right.