how she behaves

Schala is very kind and caring. She often goes to the Earthbound lands and talks with the villagers and plays with the children. She is also very close with her younger brother Janus. Since besides Alfador, she is his only friend. Schala feels bad that she knows she cannot stay with her younger brother either. They both know something is going to go down but they continue on.

She is also obedient. Knowing what her mother is doing is wrong and she still does what she says. Schala knows that the Mammon Machine is a terrible invention but yet she powers it when her mother tells her too. I doubt that Schala has stockholm syndrome but she does this out of concern for what her mother will do to Janus or the Earthbound ones if she doesn't do what she says.

However, she is a bit rebellious as well. She does try to defy her mother but ends up doing what she says. But she also goes to the Earthbound Ones and hangs out there. Pretty sure this is against the rules since Queen Zeal sees them as trash. Schala also asks Crono and friends to stop her mother because she isn't capable of doing it.

Really, I think Schala does try her best to make everyone happy at the expense of herself. She knows right from wrong, yet doesn't want to displease her mother. She has a sticky situation and no safe way out.