ancestry and decendents

Schala's bloodline starts in 65,000,000 BC with a woman named Ayla. Ayla is the strongest of her village and always wants to protect everyone from the reptiles. She often tells Kino, whom she later marries, that he is chief if she doesn't come back. This always upsets Kino because he knows Ayla is strong and will always come back. I like that Ayla is chief and Kino is the second in command, it isn't always like this and I feel it's a nice change. You know, a woman being the strongest and in charge without question.

Ayla and Kino go on have have decendents, the next time line (that's Crono and friends can visit) is 12,000 BC which is Schala's time. And since this shrine is dedicated to her there isn't too much to say. Except how did it continue? Schala goes missing with the Mammon Machine, Queen Zeal dies, and Janus gets thrown into 600 AD. UNLESS! Queen Zeal doesn't die and has another child. Or Schala already has a child somewhere. Or because the player decided to beat Lavos in Ayla's time none of the other things happened and the bloodline carried on. This part is tricky.

600 AD the Guardia's are the royality, with Queen Leene. There have been several Queen Leene's before her and after. I believe Guardia is generally a matriarchy but is ruled with Queen and King (unless one of them dies) but it seems to be the females that are important. Being kidnapped, running off, having awesome powers. (Maybe they know Princess Zelda somehow?) Frog is also from this time and is locked in combat with Magus.

100 AD this is Marle's time, the Present time. King Guardia married a woman named Aliza and they had Nadia better known as Marle. Marle is spunky and fiesty. She uses Lucca's teleport machine and the events of the game are set into motion. Crono and Lucca are also from this time and good friends of Marle's. Of course, Marle doesn't find out about her ancestry until the very end of the game. It's funny she didn't realize it. Maybe my previous statement about the woman could be wrong.

1999 AD the apocolypse. Not a lot is shown here but there is probably a desendent here somewhere.

2300 AD the future where the party mets Robo! And no Robo isn't related to Schala at all but I do believe Lucca made the prototypes for these robots. The decendent here is Doan. He looks like a little hungry old man. His hair is white and he wears rags but I believe he is the leader of the time period. When Crono and company defeat Lavos, this time probably changes. I'm sure Doan and Robo have a much happier and brightier future.