the way she looks

Chrono Trigger: Schala I'm going to start at the top and work my way down of this late teens to early twenties looking woman. Schala has very long blue hair tied into a pony tail with an orange band. She's got slightly pale skin with thin eyebrows and blue eyes. Her make up is very light, looks like light blue eyeshadow and light pick lip gloss. Her earrings are gold and share the same design as her pendant, except her pendant is blue in the middle. Her dress is purple like all the Enlightened Ones wear and has white accents and her shoes are also purple. I believe them to be flats and slide ons.

Chrono Cross: Schala A little more about her dress. It seems like there are three parts to it in the artwork, s long skirt with top that has long sleeves with a collar. But the sprite makes it look like she is wearing a cloak. So it could be a dress underneath, the the top is more of a pancho type thing and then a collar over it. Really I guess it just depends on how you see it. It could be a one to three piece.

In Chrono Cross, her appearence changes. That's right you get to see her for just a little while. She looks much younger like a child. Has blond hair that is short with bangs and blue eyes. Schala wears a white sleeveless dress. She looks a lot like Kid here.