But...The Future Refused To Change

I recently played and beat Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross. Since I got Schala's fanlisting and already really wanted to make a shrine to her since she is my most favorite female in the games, I needed to replay Chrono Trigger. Well, while I was doing that I ended up loving the entire cast of playable characters as well. First couple of playthroughs I didn't like all of them but here I am loving them all. Replaying a game after "growing up" a little really changes things. So I decided to shrine more characters and Robin (an awesome buddy of mine) told me to "strike while the iron was hot" and so Project Chrono happened. I have no regrets.

When I played last time which spawned Frog and Robo, I had orignally wanted to shrine all the characters but I stopped myself. Mostly because I was feeling like I had too many shrines, I was being dumb comparing my shrines to everyone elses. I really do wish I had gone through and shrines them all. So I'm hoping in my current replay that I'll get that spark back.

The Layout

Layout was made in Adobe Photoshop CS4 and hand coded in Dreamweaver CS4. Images are from Creative Uncut, and fonts are georgia and algerian, which I think came with my laptop and if not then they are from DaFont. This is version 3 featuring artwork from Chrono Trigger.