You're a marshmallow, Glenn.

One day Cyrus decides it's a great idea to challenge Magus because he has obtained the Masamune. Glenn accompanies Cyrus on this mission. They go up against Magus and his buddy Ozzie is there as well. Magus and Ozzie then make fun of Cyrus and Glenn.

Cyrus strikes at Magus but it's not too effective. Magus easily kills Cyrus in front of Glenn. Cyrus begs for Glenn to run but he is is shock. He is terrified that Cyrus is being killed and that he cannot move to help him or even run. Magus or Ozzie calls him a coward and Cyrus is then tossed off the cliff. The Magus decides to turn Glenn into a Frog to better suit him. (I wasn't aware that frogs were cowards.) Then Glenn goes off the cliff. As he lays there in the shallows the hero's medal washes to him.

Glenn is Frog's human name and as Glenn he has no accent or special way of talking. But as Frog he does. I think this is part of the transformation. Frog wants to separate himself from Glenn the coward who was unable to help his friend. So his new name is Frog (or whatever the player decides to name him) and he has a new way of talking. Frog is the only one is the world who talks like this.

His appearance and way of talking has changed. I believe he did this all so he could become a better man. A man that would not sit there while his friends were in danger. A man that would take action against wrong doing. A man that has honor. Plus, Frog states he likes being a frog.

By the end of the game when all is said and done, Frog is no longer a frog. I'm not sure if Magus lifted the curse or Frog himself broke it. But he is a man and a knight filled with honor.

Magus may have started Frog's transformation as a joke but Frog took it seriously and made the best of it. He used it to better himself. Cyrus's death also cause a transformation in Frog but it was more on his personality. He changed, he is now able to fight to protect.