Cyrus' hopes and dreams...

In 600 AD, Crono and Lucca are trying to help Marle who has been mistaken for Queen Leene. Marle disappears and they need to figure out why. Crono and Lucca travel on and end up at a Cathedral. They fight and just when they think it's over a Naga-ette appears while Frog jumps in and save them. While Lucca is a little weary because he is a Frog, they all agree to travel together!

Then play the organ and a door pops open. Go through it! Ran sack the place. Really just take all the loot and fight all the monsters. Leave and heal if needed but the monsters will respawn. Go up the left and right paths first and then when done head up the middle. You'll have to fight a boss battle but once you defeat him, you be able to find the real chancellor and the Queen! Woo!

Now that it's complete, Frog leaves since he feels he isn't capable of protecting the queen. Return to the Queen's room where Marle is now. Then you can go back to the place you first started here and then return to the present time.

For Frog to fully join the party, Crono must fix the Masamune and have the Hero's Medal. Tata has the Hero's Medal and after you get the part of the Masamune on the mountains, you can get the medal from Tata. Frog in the Curse Woods has half of it and the other half in on Denadoro Mountains. Once both pieces are obtain talk to Melchior, but he can't fix it without a red stone which can be gotten in 65,000,000 BC. Go there and help Ayla out and then return here and the Masamune will be fixed and then go talk to Frog in the Curse Woods. Try and leave, he will then join.

Later on Crono and friends return here to take care of Magus. However, that doesn't go well. Magus summons Lavos so he can defeat him but Crono and friends ruin it by picking a fight. (Actually, it's both parties picking fights rather than talking it out.) Gates get open and the party gets thrown in 12000 BC.