We ask for your strength...

Frog is a swordsman and he is water (blue) innate focusing on water damage and healing. I played him as an attacker unless the battle called for healing and then he played the role of a healer. He is pretty good either way. His Double Cure duel tech with Marle is wonderful! Frog may not be the best healer in the game but he fit my needs. Plus if you kill everything before it hits you, you don't need to heal. It just depends on how you want to play.

Really though, I used his healing when needed. I used him to attack most of the time by using X Strike. For one boss finght while helping Fiona in 600 AD, I used Marle, Frog and Magus and having mulitple people with ice/water was helpful plus all the healing Marle and Frog had. Did I mention that Double Cure is really awesome?

Single Techs

Name MP Cost Description
Slurp 1 Restore ally's HP (some)
Slurp Cut 2 Snag and slash enemy
*Water 2 Damage enemy with Water
Heal 2 Restore ally's HP (more)
Leap Slash 4 Leap-slash an enemy
*Water2 8 Damage all enemies with Water
*Cure2 5 Restore ally's HP (full)
Frog Squash 15 Low HP = greater damage

Double Techs

Name Character Requirements
X Strike Crono, Frog Slash, Slurp Cut
Swordstream Crono, Frog Spincut, Water
Spire Crono, Frog Lightning2, Leap Slash
Ice Water Marle, Frog Ice, Water
Glacier Marle, Frog Ice2, Water2
Double Cure Marle, Frog Cure2, Cure2
Red Pin Lucca, Frog Fire, Leap Slash
Line Bomb Lucca, Frog Mega Bomb, Leap Slash
Frog Flare Lucca, Frog Flare, Frog Squash
Blade Toss Robo, Frog Laser Spin, Slurp Cut
Bubble Snap Robo, Frog Robo Tackle, Water
Cure Wave Robo, Frog Heal Beam, Cure2
Slurp Kiss Ayla, Frog Slurp, Kiss
Bubble Hit Ayla, Frog Rollo Kick, Water
Drop Kick Ayla, Frog Triple Kick, Leap Slash

Triple Techs

Name Character Requirements
Arc Impulse Crono, Marle, Frog Spincut, Ice2, Leap Slash
Triple Raid Crono, Robo, Frog Slash, Robo Tackle, Slurp Cut
Delta Storm Crono, Lucca, Frog Lightning2, Fire2, Water 2
3D Attack Crono, Ayla, Frog Slash, Triple Kick, Slurp Cut
Spin Tackle Ayla, Robo, Frog Tail Spin, Robo Tackle, Leap Slash
Silver Rock must be equipped
Grand Dream Marle, Robo, Frog Life 2, Laser Spin, Frog Squash
Gold Rock must be equiped